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Age: 29
Location: Montpelier

Woman seeking
• Man for Dating
• Man for Friendship

Libra women seeking like minded
I am a huge fan of Stefan Molyneux, I have many interest and many talents, I work full time and... learn more about me »


Age: 30
Location: Jeffersonville

Man seeking
• Woman for Dating
• Woman for Friendship

Nerdy, Gnarly, Nice and Notorious
I have a tendency to follow my heart instead of my head or my gut though they're usually pretty accurate.... learn more about me »


Age: 74
Location: glover

Man seeking
• Woman for Dating
• Woman for Friendship

intellectual woodsman
I am a hardworking (still), cerebral, healthy, steward of a large woodlot/homestead. I am loyal to a fault, but am... learn more about me »


Age: 20
Location: St. Albans

Man seeking
• Woman for Dating

Long Shooting Distance
Interested in someone I can really dive in to. I like to work hard, play hard. I have dreams and... learn more about me »


Age: 36
Location: Waterbury

Woman seeking
• Man for Dating

Duck Whispering Ninja
Funny, kind, movie loving lady seeking equally as funny partner in crime. Must love ducks and goats.... learn more about me »

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Brandi at her wedding

"On my way to the I-Spys, I noticed that Brian was "featured" in the Personals section and he absolutely caught my attention. I created a profile, contacted him and we were engaged 3 months after meeting. We were married a year later, and had a son together — making us a family of 7!"

— Brandi Littlefield

Andrea on her honeymoon

"Two years ago I was working as a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings and was I-Spied by my now husband. At the time he didn't have the courage to ask for my number, so he wrote an I-Spy and one of my co-workers told me about it. We met at Vermont Pub for our first date and the rest is history. If it wasn't for this website, I may have never met him!"

— Andrea Haas

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